A History Lesson
Kalin Sivov

You’ve heard in WWII
how many Russians lost their lives
to help the world get rid of
fascist bastards and their lies.
But something unexpected happened –
communists arrived
and claimed that half of Europe
was their well deserved prize.

Then time passed by and people
started feeling something’s wrong –
they wanted western life, no communism
and no walls.
And Russia had to step back
now insulted and alone.
They thought they’d make it through
by simply rattling their guns.

But unlike North Koreans
Russians looked like civilised,
because they seemed to want
democracy to rule their lives.
Elections passed and no one knew
how it always came
that Putin was their only choice
and, you know, that’s a shame.

Eighty years from WWII
he occupied Ukraine
spreading lies that none believed in,
rockets, bombs and pain.
Once glorious Russian nation
stood still and only watched
’cause their halfling dictator
had them turned to brainwashed fucks.

And what they had immediately
started move away from them.
The West they so much hated
bid farewell and off it went.
But Russians and their Putin
had no clue it’s said and done:
they’ll all go back to caves
to celebrate and feast on worms.

Most probably their North Korean
brothers will arrive
to share this glorious moment
and their dumb barbaric pride.
But what it feels to have
the whole world turns its back on you:
you should have asked old Hitler
when he knew that it was through.

So, let me tell you something
if you don’t know it by now:
dear Putin, you’re a dead meat
and you’ll soon move underground.
So, save us all our efforts,
put a bullet in your head,
“ИДИ НАХУЙ”, or, as the West says,
drop dead.

Glory to Ukraine!